The First Rehearsal.

So, we’ve had the first rehearsal for my upcoming short play The Forever Youth. It was actually really exciting, because coming from a film background, the whole process is new to me. Whilst you think in parts when you direct a film, you have to be able to collate a narrative in one long structure with theatre. I was lucky that I was in good hands with my leads, Liam Graham and Jessica Hegarty. Liam has done plenty of theatre before, so he was able to guide us where possible.

The whole process is pretty fascinating so far, as we initially did a reading and from there started running through character notes. Once we’d read the dialogue, we spent time cutting small elements and discussing particular aspects of dialogue. Language, pace, pitch and tone all play an incredible role in theatre I am finding (as with any narrative), but it’s fun to really spend the time and ‘get into’ the story.

I cannot wait to get the play into shape. I am learning so much from the whole process and couldn’t be more appreciative that The Blue Room Theatre has given me this opportunity. Next week: The Second Rehearsal!


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