On Playwriting

Well, I’m not far off from revealing my new full length play. It’s been a long, but very exciting process. I would say, all in all, it’s taken about 3 months. And, in that, what I’ve written I’m actually calling a ‘Working Draft’, as I want to workshop it further with the performers.  The process differs for what I did when I wrote my feature film Playthings (a screenplay now being handled by the very talented Ceinwen Langley).

With the new play, I wrote the first draft over a month or so. And when that was done, I began re-writing scenes for the second. It was only then, that I printed the thing out and started making notes. This helped me to really spend more time on the language and dialogue. As apart of this process, I then broke all the scenes down into cards. Each card described the scene to me, who was in it, and their goals. I then went through each card highlighting keywords that made sense thematically to what I was trying to say with the play. This gave me a firmer grasp as to what the character mean to each scene, and the narrative as a whole.

It’s helped me a lot, but I’m aware it’s weird to break a script down into the scenes, having already put the draft together. But for some reason, this process has really worked for me. It’s also helped me to cut a lot of dialogue and clean up the ‘through lines’ of my characters. I hope in time, you get to see how it’s all come together.

Photo by George Owen Davis: http://vimeo.com/user2655095


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