Well, it’s been an insane few months. So insane I haven’t really had a chance to blog anything new. My play LES AFFREUX finishes it’s three week run in 2 days! It’s been one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done, not to mention the fact that my amazing cast and crew have done all the work! We’ve got some incredible reviews, so I’m so pleased about that. To celebrate, I’ll post the last Promo Image we did of performer Rina Freiberg.

I’m about to go headfirst into Pre-Production on a new short as well as balancing all my Fallout: Lanius stuff. I really want to put some updates up about what’s happening with Fallout: Lanius- but I can’t just yet. What I will say is that we’ve a cool little announcement happening for Perth fans. Thanks for your patience with all this, I know people have been checking the blog so thanks for your interest in what I’m doing.


Photography by Ben Pascoe: http://benpascoe.com/

Performer/Model: Rina Freiberg

Makeup: Rachael Sachse http://www.rachaelsachse.com.au

Design: Alana Starcevich


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