Supanova Perth 2012

So, we just took Fallout: Lanius to Supanova Perth. This post will be a little differest than our Official Posts, mind you. I have to say, I love Supanova. It’s nothing like the usual elements of film development. It’s not all about demographics, script development and industry networking. It’s not about the hard sell and the constant conservative machinations of our industry. It’s about one thing and one thing only: people.

It’s about people getting together and getting excited about the things they love. Some are weird and wonderful. Which is great. All these excited people in one place really makes me excited too. I love the costumes and merchandise and all the amazing Perth based artists and creators that show up- it’s fantastic. It’s really different to what film based events are like. We had a ball promoting Fallout: Lanus. I loved meeting the Fallout fans- and I can’t wait for them to see the film come to fruition. I was also really lucky to have a wonderful support base behind me. Most notably in Producer Stuart Mackenzie and my wonderful partner. Which made the event all the more special for me.

(The Above image is of me and an unknown Cosplayer in an amazing Mass Effect 3 costume).


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