Fallout: Lanius Cast Details

Well today, we finally get to let the cat out of the bag in regards to some of our casting. That, and we get to reveal some more images from our Photo Shoot. I’ve cast Professional Strongman and Martial Artist Johnny Domino to play ‘Lanius’. He’s toured nationally performing on stage, and is a trained Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Artist. Johnny is the kind of guy who can literally tear a phone book in half with his bare hands- perfect for Lanius!

In the role of Tribal Woman ‘Quill’, I’ve cast Caris Eves. Caris is a very experienced stage performer and professional model. She’s modelled for some of the hottest brands from both Australia and abroad. She also participated in ‘Australia’s Next Top Model’, placing in the Top 12. That, and she’s an amazing performer. As Fallout: Lanius has to work as a  film first, having experienced actors is really important to me.

For the photo shoot, I needed a performer that was in incredible shape and had a really lethal look. I cast Kenny Low, a martial artist and professional Stunt Man. He looks awesome as a member of Caesar’s Legion!

All these images were designed by Graphic Designer Jeffrey Phillips. Be sure to check out his Facebook Page for more of his work.


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