The Birth of Encryption Films and ‘The Owl’

This has been a pretty mega week. I’ve announced the launch of my new Production Company Encryption Films as well as a brand new short form film I’m directing next month! The new film ‘The Owl’ is a really confronting Urban Drama about a newly paroled criminal and his relationship with a young girl. The film is some of my extrene material I’ve had to deal with. I’m Co-Producing it with Director Peter Gurbiel who has written the script. We’ve cast Wayne S. Davies (Transmission, Perished) and Tahlia Norrish (Moloko Rainbow), both very talented performers.

The whole process has been pretty amazing. It’s been great working alongside someone you trust and share the same vision with. Ben Pascoe will be shooting the film, with a whole host of really talented people involved. I think it’s going to be a very challenging shoot, but well worth all the effort. I’ll also be updating this blog about more news about Fallout: Lanius soon. Our Funding Campaign starts next month too!


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