Fallout: Lanius Update

We’ve had some huge things happen for us lately!

We’ve released our First Video Update:

We’ve raised $7000, and still need to raise $3000 in the next 32 days! We begin our 3rd Day of Fight training this weekend, and we are currently locking off the Armour design for both Lanius and the Legion Soldiers.

We’ve started our Pre Production process in regards to CGI and VFX Plates (but to be honest, we don’t want to shoot much CGI as we want the film to look as realistic as possible).

We’ve started construction on elements of the Tridebark Village, as well a huge amount of new weapons and props.

The Special FX Makeup Team behind Fallout: Lanius has just official Launched their new Company – The Makeup FX Workshop. Designers Naomi D. Lynch and Kate Anderson have been creating some amazing props for Fallout: Lanius.

To check out their work, hit the link to their Official Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/TheMakeupFxWorkshop

To support our Film, be sure to hit our Funding Page! http://www.indiegogo.com/FalloutLaniusFanFilm



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