Barrow picks up $32,000 Production Funding


Well, Happy New Year everyone. 

2012 was an incredible year, exhausting and difficult – but incredible. One of the bigger things to happen at the end of it was myself and Producer/Writer Peter Gurbiel picking up $32,000 Production Funding from the Film and Television Institute’s Link Initiative. We’d worked really hard to put together a beautiful film in ‘The Owl’ and we wanted to follow it up with something as cool. 

‘Barrow’ is a thriller than explores time and trauma. It’s primarily about a young forensic entomologist recounting the night her Father murdered her Mother. But, let’s just say there is a lot more to it than that. Unlike ‘The Owl’ (which was primarily all of Pete’s writing) I co-wrote ‘Barrow’ which makes me happy I had a hand in it’s script. It’s got a really amazing story hook, which I really look forward to exploring.

That means over 2012, my new little company raised over $50,000 in Production budget and we produced (or greenlit) three short form works. Not bad for our first year. This year, it’s all about Post Production and Development. Oh, and shooting ‘Barrow’.

Let’s get cracking, shall we?  



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