A Long Overdue Update (The Owl, Fallout: Lanius and BARROW)

God, I am terrible at this. For real updates, follow me on Twitter: I use that all the time.

So, what’s happened? Well, our film ‘The Owl’ Won Best Film and People’s Choice at the WA Screen Awards. It also picked up amazing reviews from both Xpress Magazine and FilmInk. Now, we’re off to the Festival Circuit. Check out the Trailer below.


We released Fallout: Lanius and it went Viral. We had a huge amount of press and it’s opened so many doors it’s not even funny. We had stories all over the world (inclusive of Forbes, MTV, Collider and Joblo). The response was insane. To see the film in full, see below.


I’ve been meeting lots of amazing people, and I can’t wait to get started on the next film: BARROW. We’ve been in development on this forever, and it’s finally coming together. We’ve got an amazing Cast and Crew – all we have to do is shoot it. Easy, right? I can’t say much about the film, except that it’s really different from either ‘The Owl’ or ‘Fallout: Lanius’.

It’s a horror/thriller/procedural with…bugs. Lots and lots of nasty bugs.

More soon.



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