Blog re-design. Pre-Production on ‘BARROW’.

In the first time in a long damn time, I’ve changed up the look of the blog.

Not sure if it’s working overall, but it’s nice to have a change. Oh, and the Official page for Barrow is now live on Facebook. So come on by and say ‘hello’.

Pre-Production is pretty insane at the moment. We’d be stuffed if it wasn’t for Pete Gurbiel’s hard work in making the film happen. And he’s not even a Producer, but an incredible Director – and here he is busting his arse to make our film happen.

I have to say ‘BARROW’ is such a different experience for me. It’s elements are all so removed from what I’ve done in the past. I can only hope all those elements come together. We’ve just announced Caris Eves will join the film, and of course we have the incredible Amanda Woodhams playing our lead. They make a striking pair.

Also, the background image for the blog is from The Last of Us. It’s by the amazing artists at Shaddy Saffadi. If you haven’t played the game – just do it. It’s incredible.

I am really, really going to try and put down more thoughts here. Provided anyone wants to read them, that is.







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