For years and years I’ve struggled to produce a production company that really captured what I wanted to do. 

I’ve dabbled in nearly every aspect of film-making, but simply making short form work after short form work isn’t really going to cut it. As you would of seen from my earlier posts, I like the idea of bringing storytellers and brands together. I especially like the idea of making branded content that doesn’t suck.

But, what I especially love the idea of, is creating worlds that sell. What if there was a company that created content and ideas? What if there was a service that could aid small and big companies in developing their IP’s into something people connect to? If people naturally connect to a world (IP) then there is a better chance they’ll pay for something connected to that world. What if it doesn’t have to be awful merchandise and cheap cash-ins? 

What if it’s stuff we want?

That’s what I hope to do with ENCRYPTION

I’ve mentioned before about our internal projects, which will start the company off. From there, I then want to start reaching out to companies and seeing what they’re looking for. It’s a crazy idea, but all good ideas are (unless of course, they’re aren’t). 

Oh, and Barrow is nearly done too. It’s looking incredible. 



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