VITOLA – The Celebration of Cigars, Drinks and Classic Jazz.


A little while ago, I think I joked on Twitter that I should start a blog that explores three things I really love: Cigars, Drinking and Classic Jazz. Well, I might as well just do it whilst I wait for some film deals to happen.

I’ve never had a Hobby/Enthusiast blog before, so I’m finding the whole thing pretty exciting. I do also need to ensure that the “fun” aspect of this is always the most important – my partner’s always been very clever in telling me that “You should never make what you love your work”. I agree wholeheartedly.

That’s where Vitola comes in. My new publication is a stripped back and fun look into a culture (or a subset of cultures) that have existed for a long time. I will be presenting Editorials and Reviews on new Cigar, Alcohol and Jazz products. Well, maybe not new Jazz, as I really only want to cover Jazz from the 20’s to the early 60’s. It’s basically a blog by me, for me.


That’s not to say it isn’t already getting attention. Vitola was live for 3 hours before I already had a major Cigar company offer me to review some stock for them. You can also follow the blog on Facebook.

Cigars, Drinking and Classic Jazz give me a tremendous amount of pleasure so I can’t wait to meet a lot of great people involved in these industries. I’ve been reaching out to the plethora of people I know, and I’ll be running a whole host of different interviews in the future.

My favorite aspect of the new publication is what I’ve called ‘The Combination’: We combine a Cigar, a classic Drink or Cocktail and a Jazz Album and discuss how they all compliment one another. It’ll be somewhere between interesting and just a little wanky. So long as it’s fun, it’ll run on Vitola.

Be sure to stop be here: 


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