2017 and Encryption

2016 was a solid year for my little company, ENCRYPTION.
We continued developing a plethora of entertainment IP’s, and grew both our knowledge base and project scope.  In 2017 we’re hoping to leverage our experience in the entertainment industry and announce a slew of new projects. 2016 saw us continually pitching and expanding Skourge Legacy. Our kid’s series aimed at 9-12 year old Boys and Girls.  This project is aiming to combine video games, animation and a cutting edge toy line.
As we grow the Skourge Legacy brand, we produced a series of fun fake commercials, all set in the 90’s. We’ve released two and have a third dropping early in 2017.
We’ve also produced an animatic of our first episode, which we’re excited to present to prospective buyers. If you or your company is interested in seeing this short animatic, be sure to respond to this blog post. We’ve extremely happy with the pitch and tone of the series and just need the right home.
Our co-produced short film Barrow, has also one another Best Film Award. This time, at the WildSound Film Festival in Toronto, Canada. This is our second such award, after winning Best Film at the prestigious Strasbourg International Film Festival last year.  A huge congrats to our Co-Producers Hometown Pictures. We love this film and it’s some of our finest work to date.
In 2017, we’re planning on working on two new feature film projects – one of which is a 80’s inspired horror film. This project is a low budget Western Australian based film inspired by ‘slasher’ films of the 1980’s. Our second ‘in development’ feature film is a teen comedy horror film based around psychological programming and government experiments.
I want to wish you a great start to 2017, and I look forward to working with you as the year moves onward. Be sure to get in contact if you want to know more about the kind of projects and content we create.
And remember:
ENCRYPTION: There is No Stopping Us
Happy New Year,

2 thoughts on “2017 and Encryption

  1. So thrilled to hear 2016 was a productive year for you Wade! Am absolutely buzzing to follow updates on these ‘in development’ features you have coming along. They sound 100% you: genuine, innovative and exciting.

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