On Returning to Fallout

A few days ago, I teased the fact that I’ve been writing a new Fan Film script based on the character Joshua Graham from Fallout: New Vegas (and especially the DLC Honest Hearts). To say the response was huge would be an understatement.

I love the Fallout series of games a great deal, and I would love to return to the series and make another fan film. I can see from the way people have responded that there is a definite audience there. When we teased that image on our Official Facebook Page for Fallout: Lanius – it was liked over 200 times. On reddit, a post I made on r/Fallout was upvoted over 2000 times.  Which means, it’s time to get serious.

If I was to push ahead and make this film, we’d need a much bigger budget than Fallout: Lanius ($19,000 AUD) and we’d be making a very different film that you’d have seen before. The excellent YouTube series NukaBreak blends comedy and drama in the Fallout world – this would be none of that. ‘The Burned Man Walks’ would be a gruelling exploration of faith, war and civilisation.

The story about Joshua Graham’s rise and fall, is really the story of two men who wanted to change the world by enslaving it. You’ve got these two educated ambitious young men, who use a combination of old world prowess and military strategy to shape a whole region. If anything, my film would be like a Western or even something like Last of the Mohicans or even The Revenant. A brutal film exploring the nature of ruthless men.

The core challenges of a film like this will be locations and scope. Recreating things like the First Battle of Hoover Dam are very close to impossible for an independent production. I would want to focus on the relationship between Joshua and Edward Sallow, and how with every personal compromise Joshua edges closer and closer to brutality. Coming from a traditional film-making background, this is the kind of stuff that’s fascinating to me.

Ideally, I would want to blend Joshua’s voice-work from Honest Hearts into the film as narration, and let the performer voice him otherwise. I think the fact that the film would centre on Graham and Sallow as younger men would help us here. Think of what they are doing with the Han Solo spin off film, for example.

I think the key to this film would be two things: a beautiful, poetic and compelling script and performances that match. The two young men who would play Joshua and Edward, would have to have a  deep understanding of the nature of these two men. How at their core they are not villains – but see themselves doing what must be done to change the world for the better.

From here, I’ll keep writing. I’m already speaking with Bethesda to ensure we’re okay to progress. We just released a little teaser online (which is in fact, the closing credits sequence from Fallout: Lanius). People seem to be digging that too. As this process moves on, I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

Here’s hoping I’m up to the task.

Wade K. Savage 🎬

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