New Podcast: #WadeWeekly

I’ve just started recording a very simple podcast, that I will be doing week to week. The #WadeWeekly is a creative industry podcast that explores my thoughts on what I’m currently working on.

In my first episode, I talk about my company Encryption, Skourge Legacy  and getting into everything about Gary Vee. I also talk about how I no longer watch the news, because all it does is bum me out. I can’t really stand how we present information to one another anymore, and the fact that major companies continually profiteer off misery and manufactured division between people.

I also chat about how I’m feeling really focused and I’m obsessed with growing my brands and companies this year. As well as getting up a whole host of different projects. I’d really love you check it out. Be sure to give me any thoughts and feedback you have.

Wade K. Savage 🎬

Come say hi to me on Twitter @WadeKSavage and Instagram Wade.K.Savage 


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