Fallout: The Burned Man Walks is Happening.

After getting the greenlight from Bethesda, we’re pushing ahead with the development of Fallout: The Burned Man Walks. I spoke a bit about this film a while back, so I’m over the moon that the project can go ahead. Provided we launch a successful Kickstarter campaign that is.

For now, I’m being very deliberately vague about our timeline. My next goal to produce another draft of the script by the end of March. I really don’t want to rush any aspect of this project – especially as it’s a non-for-profit Fan film.  I really want to write the best script possible.

I’ve spoken a little about the kind of film I want to make, but if you want to see something a little visual, check out this great video by my friend LoneVaultWanderer 

The whole point of the film will be to explore the relationship between Joshua and Edward Sallow. What could make two men want to brutalise the world to control it? Or were they always made that way? Was it their values or their environment? These are the kind of questions I want to ask.

Once I know the script is where it needs to be, I’ll start sending it out to cast and crew. It has to be right if we’re going to make the kind of impact I want to make. If you have any questions or insights about the film, feel free to get in contact with me on Twitter. I’ll post some some detail below. For now, I’ve got a lot of writing to do.

Wade K. Savage 🎬

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