What ENCRYPTION aims to be.

IP Consultancy

ENCRYPTION is the company I dreamed of starting my whole life.

What started as a small production company, I now hope to continually grow into a entertainment IP development consultancy. But what exactly does that mean?

Encryption has a small selection of public brands we’re developing, the kid’s IP Skourge Legacy and the lifestyle blog Vitola. As yet, we haven’t announced any of the other things we’re working on.

What we plan to start doing, is offering consultancy services to other creatives that can turn their ideas, worlds, and characters into huge hits in a crowded and saturated marketplace. We want to help guide creatives big and small into their prospective markets using what we know best: a love of creativity and characters.

Our goal is to begin populating the market with good ideas that have value and longevity. All the while we’ll using marketing data and demographics to reach audiences in new and exciting ways.

I feel that one of the biggest failings that creatives run into, is that they don’t understand where their ideas, characters and worlds sit in the marketplace. It’ll be our task to help them find their place.

I think Australian creatives has major issues with this.

We’ve had an arts culture that has had a very narrow vision about the kind of acceptable content we can create, with the notion of “commercial” venture being scoffed at. I want to change the creative culture, letting younger creatives know that it’s okay to create work people actually want to see.

I think I’ve fought the majority of my career for an arts culture that wants to succeed, rather than produce content for very niche, out of touch audiences. The groundswell around pop culture has completely changed in the last decade – and I want to put ENCRYPTION at the forefront of that.

Wade K. Savage 🎬

Come say hi to me on Twitter @WadeKSavage and Instagram Wade.K.Savage 


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