Skourge Legacy Development Blog 1: What the hell’s happening?!

skourge-final-white_Artboard 5

I know.

I’ve been working on this toyetic kid’s property for years and this is the first development blog?!

Well, you’ve got to start somewhere. If you’ve been following what we’ve been (very quietly) doing with Skourge Legacy, you know it’s a monumental task. I’m trying to get an animated TV Show, Toy-Line and Video Game up at the same time. Neither one is all that easy to do, and here I am, filling my plate with all three.

And that’s fine.

Skourge is what we call in the business a passion project. That is, you expire all your passion making it. (Kidding!). The whole IP is heavily inspired by the kinds of shows I used to watch as a kid, balanced against the beautiful tone and film-making of something like Avatar: The Last Airbender.

So, because it’s something I love and I believe in, it’s going to take time. How long? I really don’t know. All I know is that it’s going to happen when it’s ready. Just so long as I keep working at it.

At it stands, we have a whole bunch of pitch materials and are constantly on the lookout for investment and development assistance. Our package is looking really good, and I’m hoping to produce some more content to further promote Skourge throughout the year.

What I would love to do is attempt a huge crowdfunding campaign, but I really don’t feel we have the platform to do something like that at this point. So, for now, I’m pitching, pitching, pitching.

Whilst I haven’t let much out of the bag, the property has come a really long way. Our scripts and Series Bible has gone through draft after draft. We’ve also released a series of promos and fake commercials that were really fun to make.

Besides this, the scope of the project has been very kept very small until I get the right team together. Well that, and capital. I go through my scripts constantly and it’s always fun to see how far this whole thing has come in 2 very short years.

Even seeing the way that Yibb has changed makes me happy. As you can see in this concept art by the very talented Arden Beckwith.

1a yibb sketches

You can see from this that Pokemon plays a huge role in how we’ve been developing Skourge. And I guess that plays into the core goal of what I want to create. It’s not good enough for me to create another toyetic entertainment property – I want to create a cultural phenomenon. I want Skourge to bring back beautiful animation and heartfelt storytelling to the family entertainment space.

Do I think that’s a hard task? Absolutely.

But it’s going to happen.

Wade K. Savage 🎬

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