Skourge Legacy Development Blog 1: What the hell’s happening?!

skourge-final-white_Artboard 5

I know.

I’ve been working on this toyetic kid’s property for years and this is the first development blog?!

Well, you’ve got to start somewhere. If you’ve been following what we’ve been (very quietly) doing with Skourge Legacy, you know it’s a monumental task. I’m trying to get an animated TV Show, Toy-Line and Video Game up at the same time. Neither one is all that easy to do, and here I am, filling my plate with all three.

And that’s fine.

Skourge is what we call in the business a passion project. That is, you expire all your passion making it. (Kidding!). The whole IP is heavily inspired by the kinds of shows I used to watch as a kid, balanced against the beautiful tone and film-making of something like Avatar: The Last Airbender.

So, because it’s something I love and I believe in, it’s going to take time. How long? I really don’t know. All I know is that it’s going to happen when it’s ready. Just so long as I keep working at it.

At it stands, we have a whole bunch of pitch materials and are constantly on the lookout for investment and development assistance. Our package is looking really good, and I’m hoping to produce some more content to further promote Skourge throughout the year.

What I would love to do is attempt a huge crowdfunding campaign, but I really don’t feel we have the platform to do something like that at this point. So, for now, I’m pitching, pitching, pitching.

Whilst I haven’t let much out of the bag, the property has come a really long way. Our scripts and Series Bible has gone through draft after draft. We’ve also released a series of promos and fake commercials that were really fun to make.

Besides this, the scope of the project has been very kept very small until I get the right team together. Well that, and capital. I go through my scripts constantly and it’s always fun to see how far this whole thing has come in 2 very short years.

Even seeing the way that Yibb has changed makes me happy. As you can see in this concept art by the very talented Arden Beckwith.

1a yibb sketches

You can see from this that Pokemon plays a huge role in how we’ve been developing Skourge. And I guess that plays into the core goal of what I want to create. It’s not good enough for me to create another toyetic entertainment property – I want to create a cultural phenomenon. I want Skourge to bring back beautiful animation and heartfelt storytelling to the family entertainment space.

Do I think that’s a hard task? Absolutely.

But it’s going to happen.

Wade K. Savage 🎬

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What ENCRYPTION aims to be.

IP Consultancy

ENCRYPTION is the company I dreamed of starting my whole life.

What started as a small production company, I now hope to continually grow into a entertainment IP development consultancy. But what exactly does that mean?

Encryption has a small selection of public brands we’re developing, the kid’s IP Skourge Legacy and the lifestyle blog Vitola. As yet, we haven’t announced any of the other things we’re working on.

What we plan to start doing, is offering consultancy services to other creatives that can turn their ideas, worlds, and characters into huge hits in a crowded and saturated marketplace. We want to help guide creatives big and small into their prospective markets using what we know best: a love of creativity and characters.

Our goal is to begin populating the market with good ideas that have value and longevity. All the while we’ll using marketing data and demographics to reach audiences in new and exciting ways.

I feel that one of the biggest failings that creatives run into, is that they don’t understand where their ideas, characters and worlds sit in the marketplace. It’ll be our task to help them find their place.

I think Australian creatives has major issues with this.

We’ve had an arts culture that has had a very narrow vision about the kind of acceptable content we can create, with the notion of “commercial” venture being scoffed at. I want to change the creative culture, letting younger creatives know that it’s okay to create work people actually want to see.

I think I’ve fought the majority of my career for an arts culture that wants to succeed, rather than produce content for very niche, out of touch audiences. The groundswell around pop culture has completely changed in the last decade – and I want to put ENCRYPTION at the forefront of that.

Wade K. Savage 🎬

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Why thinking for yourself is the best way to live.

I’ve recently been learning about a myriad of different things. One of them is libertarianism.  It’s an interesting way to live, that basically boils down to “Let me live the life I want to live, so long as I’m not hurting anyone”. I’ve watching lots of videos about it and overall it seems like a cool idea.

Of course, like most schools of thought – it has it’s hardliners. People who believe tax is theft and that kind of thing. I actually don’t mind paying taxes that pay for schools, hospitals and arts programs. I loathe the idea of paying politician’s salaries, but who doesn’t. I guess as I’ve aged, I’ve become very anti-authoritarian – especially as it looks as corporate culture seeps into every aspect of everyday life.

We’re seeing a generation of young people who are heavily constrained by Social Media behaviours, which at the end of the day are basically corporate behaviours. The controversial writer Bret Easton Ellis explored this in his piece “Living in the Cult of Likeability”. Ellis talks about how we connect with a corporation when we join Social Media platforms, and how they influence both our thought processes and our social spheres.

Which brings me back to my point: it seems like it’s crazy if you want to decide for yourself about things in this day and age. I don’t mean in the sense of “I’m succeeding from the country” or “chem-trails are government experiments” or that kind of thing. I just mean in the sense that you really don’t have to join a team on everything. Funnily, when it comes to important issues, being independent from Team Red or Team Blue is seen as the worst crime of all.

The game designer Ken Levine said it best (and I’m paraphrasing):

“You don’t have to join a team. You can choose to be on your own team.”

That notion has stuck with me for a long time, because it’s both positive and fulfilling. The statement in and of itself isn’t an attack on anyone else, it’s just a comment saying “It’s okay if I want to do this on my own terms”. As a theme and a viewpoint, this is severely lacking in the cultural discussion today. You’re either this or that. Red or Blue. Us or them. It’s boring and devoid of nuance and complexity.

So, I’m trying to think more independently on things. I spend more time discerning the information given to me on specific issues, and I’m always wondering how I can learn more.

That’s why I believe thinking for yourself is the best way to live.

Wade K. Savage 🎬

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Don’t be distracted, always be creating.

I’m on a huge positivity kick at the moment. It’s not a new year thing. It’s not some great breakthrough. It’s just the one thing I can control: me. I’ve just been pushing and pushing with every aspect of my company and career and things have been really changing. I have been really changing.

One of the biggest things I’ve changed is what and how I engage and consume content. I’ve stopped watching the news. I’ve stopped reading reddit threads that are about industry drama or negativity. I try to be kind to people everyday. I always engage with content that inspires me, educates me or straight up makes me feel good. Do you know why? Because I can control just about everything.

I can’t control what’s happening in the states. I can’t control the weather. I can’t control the markets. But I can control my company ENCRYPTION. I can control the growth of my brands. I can control the amount of work I put into the things I love. Inspiration, is hard – but it gets way easier when you are consistent. I just started a new Podcast, which I will do every week – so help me god. But how am I able to be consistent?

Because I won’t allow myself to be distracted. I haven’t had a chance to play video games at all this year (which is a bummer, because I love video games). I’ve just chosen to work those Friday and Saturday nights, as opposed to jumping online. I took my first day off this week to enjoy the Super Bowl . I had earned a day to get crazy with the boys. I’m now scheduling time to play games, but it’s few and far between.

I’m doing everything from a place of planning and control – not weakness. I’ve also decided that I’m going to do everything now. Not just focus on Skourge Legacy (of which I have some very cool ideas for). My company has a stable of small brands that I want to make HUGE. And do you know what? There is no one to stop me, but me. It really is that simple.



New Podcast: #WadeWeekly

I’ve just started recording a very simple podcast, that I will be doing week to week. The #WadeWeekly is a creative industry podcast that explores my thoughts on what I’m currently working on.

In my first episode, I talk about my company Encryption, Skourge Legacy  and getting into everything about Gary Vee. I also talk about how I no longer watch the news, because all it does is bum me out. I can’t really stand how we present information to one another anymore, and the fact that major companies continually profiteer off misery and manufactured division between people.

I also chat about how I’m feeling really focused and I’m obsessed with growing my brands and companies this year. As well as getting up a whole host of different projects. I’d really love you check it out. Be sure to give me any thoughts and feedback you have.

Wade K. Savage 🎬

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On Returning to Fallout

A few days ago, I teased the fact that I’ve been writing a new Fan Film script based on the character Joshua Graham from Fallout: New Vegas (and especially the DLC Honest Hearts). To say the response was huge would be an understatement.

I love the Fallout series of games a great deal, and I would love to return to the series and make another fan film. I can see from the way people have responded that there is a definite audience there. When we teased that image on our Official Facebook Page for Fallout: Lanius – it was liked over 200 times. On reddit, a post I made on r/Fallout was upvoted over 2000 times.  Which means, it’s time to get serious.

If I was to push ahead and make this film, we’d need a much bigger budget than Fallout: Lanius ($19,000 AUD) and we’d be making a very different film that you’d have seen before. The excellent YouTube series NukaBreak blends comedy and drama in the Fallout world – this would be none of that. ‘The Burned Man Walks’ would be a gruelling exploration of faith, war and civilisation.

The story about Joshua Graham’s rise and fall, is really the story of two men who wanted to change the world by enslaving it. You’ve got these two educated ambitious young men, who use a combination of old world prowess and military strategy to shape a whole region. If anything, my film would be like a Western or even something like Last of the Mohicans or even The Revenant. A brutal film exploring the nature of ruthless men.

The core challenges of a film like this will be locations and scope. Recreating things like the First Battle of Hoover Dam are very close to impossible for an independent production. I would want to focus on the relationship between Joshua and Edward Sallow, and how with every personal compromise Joshua edges closer and closer to brutality. Coming from a traditional film-making background, this is the kind of stuff that’s fascinating to me.

Ideally, I would want to blend Joshua’s voice-work from Honest Hearts into the film as narration, and let the performer voice him otherwise. I think the fact that the film would centre on Graham and Sallow as younger men would help us here. Think of what they are doing with the Han Solo spin off film, for example.

I think the key to this film would be two things: a beautiful, poetic and compelling script and performances that match. The two young men who would play Joshua and Edward, would have to have a  deep understanding of the nature of these two men. How at their core they are not villains – but see themselves doing what must be done to change the world for the better.

From here, I’ll keep writing. I’m already speaking with Bethesda to ensure we’re okay to progress. We just released a little teaser online (which is in fact, the closing credits sequence from Fallout: Lanius). People seem to be digging that too. As this process moves on, I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

Here’s hoping I’m up to the task.

Wade K. Savage 🎬

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2017 and Encryption

2016 was a solid year for my little company, ENCRYPTION.
We continued developing a plethora of entertainment IP’s, and grew both our knowledge base and project scope.  In 2017 we’re hoping to leverage our experience in the entertainment industry and announce a slew of new projects. 2016 saw us continually pitching and expanding Skourge Legacy. Our kid’s series aimed at 9-12 year old Boys and Girls.  This project is aiming to combine video games, animation and a cutting edge toy line.
As we grow the Skourge Legacy brand, we produced a series of fun fake commercials, all set in the 90’s. We’ve released two and have a third dropping early in 2017.
We’ve also produced an animatic of our first episode, which we’re excited to present to prospective buyers. If you or your company is interested in seeing this short animatic, be sure to respond to this blog post. We’ve extremely happy with the pitch and tone of the series and just need the right home.
Our co-produced short film Barrow, has also one another Best Film Award. This time, at the WildSound Film Festival in Toronto, Canada. This is our second such award, after winning Best Film at the prestigious Strasbourg International Film Festival last year.  A huge congrats to our Co-Producers Hometown Pictures. We love this film and it’s some of our finest work to date.
In 2017, we’re planning on working on two new feature film projects – one of which is a 80’s inspired horror film. This project is a low budget Western Australian based film inspired by ‘slasher’ films of the 1980’s. Our second ‘in development’ feature film is a teen comedy horror film based around psychological programming and government experiments.
I want to wish you a great start to 2017, and I look forward to working with you as the year moves onward. Be sure to get in contact if you want to know more about the kind of projects and content we create.
And remember:
ENCRYPTION: There is No Stopping Us
Happy New Year,